CTRL+SHIFT+1, CTRL+SHIFT+2, CTRL+SHIFT+3 ... CTRL+SHIFT+9 to set the bookmarks. Then CTRL+1, CTRL+2, CTRL+3 ... CTRL+9 to goto the bookmarks. Well that's how I did it in Delphi. As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been using SharpDevelop 2.0. Unfortunately SharpDevelop 2.0 does not have this numbered bookmarks feature. So, what is a programmer to do? Well, I grabbed the latest source code to the SharpDevelop 2.0; and I started to code the change myself. After twenty minutes of wandering around the source and adding some half-baked code to start implementing the numbered bookmarks, I realized something. Do I want the numbered bookmarks to cross files or remain in the context of one file (Delphi does the latter)? For example, when I'm editing some code do I want to press CTRL+SHIFT+1 in a file then edit another file and press CTRL+1 and return to the original file (and line) I was editing before? Or do I want to have to be editing the same file I set the bookmark in in order to go back to that line number? I haven't decided! Maybe I should make an option for both? With my naive (twenty minute) understanding of SharpDevelop's Framework, it seems one way or the other is all I could do without major changes. It also seems that the per file version may be easier to implement; but I'm not sure about that.

SIDE NOTE: Kudos to the SharpDevelop team, I've never used Subversion before (I still don't know what I'm doing with it), but they provided easy to understand instructions that made it real easy for me to get the latest source.